Prints (About Work)

David Pickett, fine art and landscape photographer, offers limited edition prints in various sizes for each image that you have seen or will view on this website.  Because of his love of being behind the camera and exploring opportunities to expand his Pictorial Art Collection with new beautiful and peaceful images, David directs the image making of his portfolios.  To ensure that his vision is carried out to the letter artistically and technically, David retains one of the best Master Printmakers in the world to custom print his pictorial art. David and his printer communicate and understand each other very well. Before the print making process begins, David’s expectations and vision is written out in detail.

The Master Printer who is based in the United States has 25 plus years of experience printing fine art prints for some of the most decorated and highly acclaimed photographers around. The printer’s wealth printing experience and knowledge coupled with employing the finest digital print making techniques in the industry, yields prints that are stunning to the consumer eye and surpass art judges and curators and photo art collector’s picky nature.  Because of his reputation for flawless quality printing, David’s Master Printer also prints competition and exhibition quality prints for his stable of photographer clientele as well as major magazines, museums, galleries, art curators, corporations…

The print that you choose to own from David Pickett Pictorial Art Collection is custom printed on one of the finest state of the art printers’ worldwide, using the best archival inks.  Archival ink not only renders beautiful colors and lively black & white tones, but also eliminates the worry of premature fading. To stay consistent, all David’s prints are printed on the finest paper often seen in Museum collections and private fine art photography collections. The paper is premium fiber based and non-fiber based. Fiber base prints are known to keep the same look for 100 years. Non-fiber based paper, not quite that long.

As a purest, David does not believe in digital manipulating an image to make it something totally different from what was seen through the camera’s view finder. Restoration and editing that changes the character of an image is a pet peeve of David. The only time a change is made to an image is when an object is a major distraction to the overall photograph and primary subject within the image. For example maybe a fallen tree limb or excessive twigs is a distraction, taking away from the final print or the story of the print.

Your print purchased from David Pickett Photography Pictorial Art collection comes with a Certificate of Authentication (CA). See attached file for a copy of CA. Each print is also signed and dated on the backside of by David. If you prefer a frontal signature and date, just request at time of placing your order.